Solaris Base

June 7, 2004 · Print This Article

This is an unfinished (but fully playable) Unreal 2 level (based on the PC Games tutorial I wrote in 2003) that I released to the community. No scripting or particle effects, but the map is fully playable and provides at least 30 minutes of gameplay. See if you can find all secret areas, there’s three dead hidden scientists! More information can be found in the Solaris Base readme.

Download Solaris Base.

DM-Memento Mori

December 21, 1999 · Print This Article

dm mm1 DM Memento Moridm mm2 DM Memento Mori

Deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament that I created December 99, right after Wheel of Time and Unreal Tournament had shipped. Includes all new textures that had been created for some early Unreal environments but never made it into a shipped level. Good for 4-16 players, can also be played in Domination mode. More information can be found in the DM-MM readme.

Download DM-MementoMori.

Armageddon 5 CTF

July 4, 1999 · Print This Article

arma5ctf 01 250x187 Armageddon 5 CTFarma5ctf 02 250x187 Armageddon 5 CTF

Single release of my CTF level that I made for the Quake 2 Allstars map pack. I should convert this to Quake 4 at some point… More information can be found in the Arma5CTF readme.

Download Armageddon 5 CTF.

Armageddon 5

December 24, 1997 · Print This Article

arma5 01 250x187 Armageddon 5arma5 02 250x187 Armageddon 5

My first (and only) Quake 2 deathmatch map. Just a random collection of rooms with some early inspiration taken from Q1DM3. The central room became the flag room of Arma5CTF. Pretty big, good for 4-16 players. More information can be found in the Arma5 readme.

Download Armageddon 5.

Armageddon 4

September 16, 1997 · Print This Article

arma4 01 250x187 Armageddon 4arma4 02 250x187 Armageddon 4

This was my contribution to the original Rocket Arena mod for QuakeWorld. Uses textures from the second Quake mission pack.

Download Armageddon 4.

Armageddon 3 CTF

August 23, 1997 · Print This Article

arma3ctf 01 250x187 Armageddon 3 CTFarma3ctf 02 250x187 Armageddon 3 CTF

CTF Version of the Arma3 DM Map, using Mission Pack 1 and some modified textures. Originally created for the Allstar CTF pack.

Download Armageddon 3 CTF.

Armageddon 3

August 7, 1997 · Print This Article

arma3 01 250x187 Armageddon 3arma3 02 250x187 Armageddon 3

Small DM map for up to 8 players, started in the Ritual offices when I was interviewing during QCon 97. This was also my first map created in the BSP editor.

Download Armageddon 3.


July 5, 1997 · Print This Article

Requiem was a troubled production. Several team members, including the moderator, dropped off the face of the Earth for intermittent periods. When it was finally released it was branded as a beta, and I don’t think there ever was an update. Despite its troubled history and late release, Requiem is a really good map pack with some impressive levels by the greats of the Doom editing. It was included in DoomWorld’s Top 100 WADs Of All Time. I created 4 levels for Requiem.

Download Requiem.

Beyond Belief

May 15, 1997 · Print This Article

The 9-level SP episode for Quake that got me my first job in the gaming industry. Back in its days this got over 10000 downloads in the first two days. There’s also various speedruns available. Start map, seven regular levels and a secret map.

Here’s a nice review/retrospective of Beyond Belief.

Download Beyond Belief.
Download the Beyond Belief Prog Files for Tenebrae.
Download the Beyond Belief .map files (can be loaded in any Quake editor).
Download the Speed Beyond Belief demos (BBelief completed in 4:25 minutes!).
Download the Speed Completely Beyond Belief demos (100% kills and secrets).
Download the Speed Beyond Belief Lite demos (completed in 2:20 on Easy).

Armageddon 2

October 19, 1996 · Print This Article

arma2 01 250x187 Armageddon 2arma2 02 250x187 Armageddon 2

My first single player map for Quake. Can also be played in DM, parts of the map open up to make the layout more deathmatch-friendly.

Download Armageddon 2.