State of the Union

September 1, 2009

When I visited home last week, my dad (of all people) scoffed “Your page isn’t about anything but cars these days, is it?” Touché! There hasn’t really been a lot of content lately that didn’t revolve around Infineon Raceway, which is usually cheap content. You may have noticed some recent signs of life, but it’s been a while since I updated regularly. So I think a quick “state of the union” post might be a good idea. What’s up with me and the webpage?

The short answer is that life has been busy in the last few months. I don’t work for Factor 5 anymore, and I am taking some time to figure out what I want to do with my professional career for the next few years. That status puts me in a weird state; on the one hand, I have tons of time to do whatever I want to do, including blog posts. On the other hand, I’m busy figuring out Life, the Universe and Everything, which doesn’t leave much time for the webpage, at all.

But I want to get back into blogging soon. I’ve been thinking about a whole bunch of stuff, much of which would make for good web content. I’m a game designer at heart, and I want to make that topic the focus of this blog again. Hopefully, I’ll arrive at at least one actual posts per week on that subject, on top of a the recurring themes that were running earlier this year. Speaking of which, what’s up with…

  • Beyond Belief 2008? Don’t remind me. The short answer is that the level is pretty much done, but hasn’t progressed much from the state that it was in for my beta test back in March. It still needs difficulty settings, a bunch of tweaks based on the testers’ feedback, and a complete VIS pass. Which takes roughly three days on a quad core pentium, a computer I don’t have access to right now. With everything else going on, I don’t see this being released anytime soon. But I do plan on releasing it! This level is getting comfortably close to “cannot finish something” territory, and I have never let that happen… In the meantime, I’ll send the beta version to anybody who would like to play. Just drop me a note!
  • The monthly hike series? My knee happened. It’s been broken since I was 15, with recurring periods of bustedness in between. And almost 4 months ago, one of those periods started when I twisted the knee out of its socket while sleeping during the night. I pretty much wasn’t able to walk for 3+ months, let alone hike. So there haven’t been any hike posts. I did my first short hike after all this time just today, though, and as soon as I get back in shape enough Victoria and I will try to pick up the series.
  • The Silent Reviews? Well, the page doesn’t look very attractive when it’s the only content appearing for several weeks, for one. And honestly, I was just running out of stuff to “review”. I’ll probably go back to the monthly snapshot posts instead.

I think that’s about it for now. Thanks for visiting, or still having me in your RSS reader! I’ll try to be more interesting again soon. Before I do that, I have at least one more racing post to get out my system, though icon smile State of the Union



December 16, 2008

Cyber-stalking aid, December 2008:

Reading… The Elfish Gene (Marc Barrowcliffe)
Watching… How I Met Your Mother, Season 1
Playing… Gears of War 2
Looking Forward To… Xmas in Germany



November 12, 2008

Cyber-stalking aid, November 2008:

Enjoying… Six days in Maui.
Reading… The Phoenix Endangered (Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory). Simplistic, but decent beach reading.
Watching… Battlestar Galactica Season 3. Yes, I’m behind.
Playing… Fallout 3. Well, at least I would be if I was home. I’m addicted.
Dreading… Having to leave Maui.
Starting… Something new at work. That was the one bad thing about going on vacation this week, work is exciting right now!



October 12, 2008

Cyber-stalking help, October 2008:

Reading… Anathem (Neal Stephenson). Hard to get into, but it’s picking up steam.
Watching… Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season 1). 49ers games.
Playing… Nothing. Waiting for GoW2, Fable II and Fallout 3!
Looking Forward To… Maui vacation icon smile Snapshot One more month…
Hoping… that the Phillies sweep the Dodgers to win the NLCS! Well, I just want them to win the series, but a sweep would be sweet.
Finishing… Beyond Belief 2008. I think. Current VIS time on Intel DualCore 2.6Ghz: 13 hours…



September 15, 2008

Cyber-stalking help, September 2008:

Reading… The Cry For Myth (Rollo May)
Watching… Pinks All Out. Giants – Diamondbacks (1 -1, top of the 8th)
Playing… Started playing Spore but lost interest. Working on (and playing) my Quake level instead.
Looking Forward To… first wedding anniversary icon smile Snapshot
Regretting…that my parents couldn’t make their visit icon sad Snapshot
Fun… meeting old acquaintances in unexpected places



August 18, 2008

Cyber-stalking help, August 2008:

Reading… Cyberfilms
Watching… Spaced – Season 2. The Olympics
Etrian Odyssey
Listening To… Star Trek – First Contact (iPod shuffle)
Expecting… IndyCar race. Parents visit
Lacking… Sleep


More Cowbell!

March 1, 2007

Damn you, SNL! So I’m listening to Peter Gabriel’s Family Snapshot, a really good song that I could get into. But all I can think of as I listen to the instrumentation (especially for the studio version) is “more cowbell!” MORE!