Mafia 3

‘Mafia III’ Is Free on PS+ and It’s Not Only Good, It’s Important

Another Mafia 3 retrospective that I appreciated. Mafia 3 is probably not free when you read this, but it’s available as a “Definitive Edition”, which is an easy way to get the entire experience (with all DLCs) for cheap.

“I always like when there’s an excuse (we use the term “news peg” around here, thank you very much) to talk about a great game from the last couple of years. Mafia III, Hangar 13’s ambitious, laudable open-world crime game from 2016 has been free on PS+ this month, and will be for the next few days. If you haven’t played it, I encourage you to do so—it’s a good game, and maybe more pressingly, an important one, a rare example of a big budget game that says something, in a clear, powerful voice, about race in America.”

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