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‘Mafia III’ Is Free on PS+ and It’s Not Only Good, It’s Important

Another Mafia 3 retrospective that I appreciated. Mafia 3 is probably not free when you read this, but it’s available as a “Definitive Edition”, which is an easy way to get the entire experience (with all DLCs) for cheap.

“I always like when there’s an excuse (we use the term “news peg” around here, thank you very much) to talk about a great game from the last couple of years. Mafia III, Hangar 13’s ambitious, laudable open-world crime game from 2016 has been free on PS+ this month, and will be for the next few days. If you haven’t played it, I encourage you to do so—it’s a good game, and maybe more pressingly, an important one, a rare example of a big budget game that says something, in a clear, powerful voice, about race in America.”

Mafia 3

Steve Gaynor and Austin Walker talk Mafia 3 on the Waypoint Podcast

This was a great, thoughtful and complementary podcast on Mafia 3 that I deeply appreciated.

“We chat about everything from the game’s dynamic gunfights and cinematic car chases to its handling of race and history. We talk about the continuity of open world games that Mafia 3 exists in—yes, including Far Cry 2. We consider the impact the game will have on future designers—including on Gaynor, himself.We even dig into the secret post-credits ending, and talk about what implications about the future of the series that stinger holds.”

Mafia 3

Free New Racing & Vehicle Customization DLC!

Cars and cool 60s music are core components of Mafia III so I’m sure you’ll love our new free racing DLC pack! Lots of tracks and vehicle customization options, which will download automatically via PSN, Xbox Live and Steam.

Mafia 3

Free New Mafia III Outfits!

We’ve released a whole bunch of free character outfits for Lincoln Clay that you can wear on your revenge quest. Check out the video – the patch will be downloaded for you automatically via PSN, XBox Live and Steam.

Mafia 3

Mafia III Gameplay from Press Event

This April, we hosted an exclusive hands-on press event for select press from all around the world. The journalists got to play Mafia III for 2 hours and post their unfiltered thoughts afterwards. Here’s GhostRobo’s video from the event!

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Mafia III

Mafia 3 is our open world crime opus set in the fictional city of New Bordeaux. Set in 1968 in our version of New Orleans and the deep south you play Lincoln Clay, a half-black Vietnam veteran who returns home to find that his substitute family, the Black Mob around Sammy Robinson, is in trouble with the city’s all-controlling Italian mafia. After a night of blood leaves his entire family dead Lincoln swears revenge and starts deliberately dismantling the Italian mafia and everything that is near and dear to Sal Marcano, who New Bordeaux’ Italian crime boss. As he does this, Lincoln gathers Sal Marcano’s enemies around him to create the unlikeliest of crime families.

Mafia 3 was developed at Hangar 13 Games and released in October 2016. It was listed in numerous Best-of-2016 lists and was hailed “A Cultural Milestone” by the Washington Post for its portrayal of race relations in story & gameplay. You can check out the official Mafia webpage and the official Twitter account for up-to-date information.